Dappledown House Nursery - Together we learn & grow
  Big Explorer's & Pre-School
(2 - 3 years)                (3 - 5 years) 

In our older children room we have a mixture of ages from 2 years up to the start of reception year of school.

Our room leaders work closely together to ensure both age ranges are developing to their full potential.

Each child has a key person who observes and plans along the children's interests which we believe is how children learn best. The room layout reflects these interests whilst following themes, whilst a good balance of adult-led activities are in cooperated along side child initiated activities.  Electronic learning journals are used so that parents have access when ever they wish and are encourage to participate in documenting their child's learning at home within this journal. Building a partnership with parents is very important to us here at Dappledown.

We aid our children to feel proud and valued by using our 'Proud Cloud' system which rewards positive behaviour - such as helping one another, being kind and following boundaries and being independent.

Children have access to free-flow from inside to the outside area so they can choose where they would like to play - large construction materials and water play with the tough spot and water tubes are perfect in this area where children can be care-free and get stuck in!


We provide government funded childcare for eligible 2 year olds.

Children aged 3 & 4 years are entitled to funded early education from the term following their 3rd birthday. 

Your child will receive up to the universal 15 hours per week during term time free or as a stretched offer for 12 hours per week over 47.5 weeks per year for free. This is funded by the Local Authority.

Your child may also receive extended 15 hours (30 hours in total) if eligible from the term of their 3rd birthday. 
We offer this during term time or 24 hours per week over 47.5 weeks. 

There is the option for additional hours and meals that are chargeable.

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